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today at the lord elgin

She looked normal. By that, I mean, her appearances were normal - she appeared normal. Tall, thin, grey short hair, probably late forties, good shape, well-bred, well-mannered, typical businesswoman. But damn, was she loud. Cheerleader loud.

"Look at your hair!" And the word "hair" was long drawn out and her pitch went up at the end. "Mary-Ann I'm so glad you're here!", accompanied with little jumps up and down and a clasping of the hands. "We are going to have so much fun!" More little jumps. It was like she lived her life in exclamation points. She was just meeting fellow business people for goodness sakes.

I hated her because of it. I wondered if she knew how foolish it was, how foolish I thought she was, for putting exclamation points on the end of everything in life. Come on lady, get over it. Faker.

But the people she jumped for and clasped her hands for and made big wide smiles for... they responded back in a likewise manner - as likewise as an actual normal person can under those circumstances. And then I thought, maybe she's got a license for it - she's not keeping the exclamation points, she's passing them on.
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