keatrix (keatrix) wrote,

when do i miss the mountains?

in the mountains, i felt like something was unrolled inside of me:

a big carpet was rolled out widely, making me feel both wider but more empty. more able to take in things around me - but there was less available to take in:

no flashing lights, no ads overhead. we see on average 500 ads a day. what if that were cut down to maybe 30 a day, and wilderness placed there instead? what do you think that would do to you?:

it would scare you a bit. maybe it would feel like a big tight carpet, unrolled for the first time in you:

maybe you could walk around on that carpet, feel it under your toes for the first time. maybe you could even dance a little.:

the carpets rolled back up now. it's nice this way, nice and comforting in this big roll like a baby's comforted by being swaddled tightly. but sometimes my mind wanders back to dancing on the carpet. that's when i miss the mountains.
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