keatrix (keatrix) wrote,

Today I was accepted into the University of Ottawa!!

God is bigger than me, and he knows so much more than me what is best for me!!

As my bf Dave pointed out, if I had been accepted into school last September I, a) would not be volunteering with Citizen Advocacy and b) would not have an awesome job at the Lord Elgin hotel, i would be happy doing data entry!!!

I'm not worthy!! I'm not worthy!!! lol but seriously!!!

I called Ottawa U today because I was feeling anxious about my application. This time I apparently spoke with the right person. She told me that last year I had been denied not because merely of too many applicants, but because my grades weren't good enough. NO ONE had told me this before today, and I had been hedging my whole 2 last years on getting into Ottawa U!! Apparently in 2005 when I was accepted the percentage needed to get into Communications was 72%. In 2006, it raised to 80%, because it was a popular course, etc. My grades at the University of Guelph-Humber average 80.5%, but when they translate them into their own grades, I only had 78.5%. So I didn't have a good enough grade to get in. She then gave me options on getting into General Arts classes, thereby breaking my heart. I was trying to hold back crying, because my WHOLE LIFE has hedged around getting into finish my Comm. degree. I was feeling lost and without hope, she said she would see what she could do.

I have no idea what she did, but five minutes later she called me back to say that they had lowered the average needed to get into Communications for this upcoming September, and that I WAS ADMITTED. That's right, she gave me acceptance, just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So baby, I'm in!

lovin' life!!
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