keatrix (keatrix) wrote,

take a ride down to georgia

most awesome customer today.

a guy from Georgia.

I asked him where he was from, I saw his state said "GA" but I didn't know which one it was...

he drawled, "Gee-orgia"

I asked him how they decided on which letters to assign to states, and he said it was the first and last letter, and I said, what about Texas? And he said, "well, they had to use the X, the X is cool!"

Now, a lot of people might say "The X is cool." But when the man in front of you is and old black man who you can picture playing a saxophone or an old guitar and singing the blues, and when he says "cool" he means it in the old, cool cat way.... I was impressed.

"Thar's no rhyme nor reason to the namin of the states then ah guess. You eva been to Geurgia?"

No, sir.

"Take a ride down. Take a ride down to Geurgia. I'll feed ya some grits. Lovely Geurgia, take a ride down, you'll like it."

I'm so impressed, I'm going to visit George someday.
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