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we are obliged to remember everything

27 October
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I'm blue. I love, laugh, and cry easily. I'm sarcastic, clumsy, and my head is in the clouds half the time. I'm too honest; I have to learn when to hold my tongue. I'm immature in matters of love and the heart but I've been through more than most my age. I have amazing friends. I love Jesus for loving me but I keep having to remind myself this earth is not my home - it's easier to live for the now than forever. I am trying to be who I've always wanted to be, but it's tough not to fall back into who I was.

I'm in University for Public Relations but I'm disenfranchised by the spinning business and would rather clear smoke screens made by PR. I'm just at school to get two pieces of paper to fall back on in life. I want to learn other languages and travel around the world. Every year I take a road trip with my best friend Stef, who taught me how to be a friend. The trip is usually a week long - and in this space of time I learn and grow more than I do in months of being in the same place, and I have stories and experiences that last for years. Travelling is the best teacher.

I like people. :)

---------------------------------------I'm keeping the above for posterity.
But, here is the everchanging me.

I've dropped out of Public Relations and University, I didn't want to stay just for two pieces of paper. I just spent half a year in Alberta where I learned of loneliness and beauty beyond belief. I don't know where I'm going, or what I'm doing next. But I'm excited, and you should be too, because I've never known life to be boring.

moved to Ottawa. Ottawa U in the fall?